Medicine Hat Ranch: A home for rare breeds.

Medicine Hat Ranch was founded in 1995 after our family home in the city burned to the ground.  I was raised a country girl and hated city life anyway, so the family moved to our first farm. 
The breath-taking stallion above is Frostie Cloud (Cloudy), the true-form medicine hat sabino APHA, MHHR horse that captured our hearts and started our love of the medicine hat horse.  Cloudy is a 1994 paint stallion whose lineage includes foundation paint horse, My Painted Robin, and popular AQHA horses, Zippo Pine Bar and Sonny Dee Bar.  In 1999, we acquired our first Azteca mare, Red Lake Stables Bea's Belle, and after several breedings between Cloudy and Belle, we discovered our foals to be a perfect mix of athletic ability and calm demeanor.  Easy to train and hard to part with Cloudy and Belle's foals have proven wonderfully tempered and easy to train for most any use. 
We also have a Colonial Spanish Mustang horses.  I purchased a sweet black horse named Talon that was registered American Indian Horse and Spanish Mustang in 2000.  At that time I was solely looking for a horse to fill a hole left in my life when my favorite old horse passed away.  In no time, this sturdy little horse had proven himself invaluable because he could and would do most anything I asked.  Intelligent and kind, this breed swept me off my feet and after learning that his mother, Chato's Fancy (the last living daughter of Chato) was also for sale, I quickly purchased her.  These ponies have been used to pull wood and bales of hay on the farm, pull buggies and carts in parades and prom and they happily performed pony rides for over a decade.  I trust them enough to let ANYONE including the handicapped ride them.  They are an outstanding breed!
Medicine Hat Ranch is also home to Jet's Black Beauties New Zealand Bunny Ranch.  Hand raised and carefully bred, these "jet black" Black New Zealand rabbits are registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association and shown in Texas at ARBA sanctioned shows.  We have quality rabbits for sale for breeding, show or butcher.
COMING SOON:  Medicine Hat Ranch is currently working toward agility performances with our newest addition, Auggie.  Auggie is a Bernese Mountain dog.  It is our hope (if she continues to develop as she is currently) that we will be able to offer Bernese Mountain dog puppies for sale in the future.